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Places to visit


The island of Elba lends itself very well to being explored by sea, to fully appreciate its beauty and its colors.

The island offers along its 147 km of coastal development, an alternation of large bays to small coves isolated, sandy beaches to pebble beaches. Great scenery opens up every time you pass a promontory.

Since 1978 we have been at the disposal of our friends and guests with our boats, inflatable boats, pedal boats, windsurfing and we put our experience at your service. 

You will find us in Morcone, 3 km from the capital along the road that goes to Innamorata, on the right. When you arrive near the beach, 100 meters on the right you will find the municipal car park, or going ahead at 30 meters on the right there is the entrance to the beach Mandel 2. Here you will also find the diving, the bar, and rent.

Our boats are driven without a license up to 40 hp and with a license over 40 hp and are complete with everything you need to spend a nice day at sea in complete safety.

Never forget, however, that your safety is given by reliable means, but especially by your caution!!!!

If you decide to circumnavigate the island, we recommend that you divide the experience into two days. Not because you can't do it in a day, but it would be at the expense of relaxation and beautiful sight.

Possibly always bring a mobile phone and tell us your number to find you in case of need.

Before leaving our staff will give you some driving knowledge and a map with the main information.

For any doubt or clarification we will be at your complete disposal throughout the day and with a simple phone call any doubt or problem could be solved.

At sea caution comes first and precedence is a right to receive it but a duty to give it.

In navigation the distances to keep are:

  • 200 meters from the beaches
  • 100 mt from the coast to peak
  • 100 mt from the yellow buoys
  • 100 m from boats and balls with red flag and white stripe

The equipped beaches can be accessed only through the landing lanes 200 meters away from the beach and identifiable by 2 large buoys placed at the beginning and traveling at the speed of 3 knots (you should not see the trail behind the boat) so very slowly.

In unequipped beaches the arrival on land is allowed, perpendicular to the beach with slow motion, 3 knots, to unload people and things and then move away and moor.

It is forbidden to pass between the Gemini islands and the mainland and between the islet of Corbella and the mainland.



The damages caused to the boats and will be borne by the customer.

The boats will be delivered in perfect condition, in compliance with the regulations and with a full tank of fuel.

In case of anomalies must be made immediately present to the charterer as any damage or lack found will be borne by the customer.

Fines are fully charged to the customer, as the boats are in order for navigation within the nautical mile from the coast.

In case of seizure or precautionary detention or serious damage, the daily rate will be applied until the return of the vessel.

Gasoline is on consumption and is not included in the list price.

The balance is on return and is made by adding the cost of gasoline to the amount of the boat rental.